Share Of U.S. Workers Holding Multiple Jobs Is Rising- New Census Report Shows

2021-02-23 01:01:39

(Reuters) - The share of Americans working more than a single job to make ends meet has been growing over the past two decades, and the pay from second jobs make up a substantial share of workers’ earnings, according to a paper authored by the You.S. Commerce Department on Wednesday.

An estimated 7.8% of U.S. workers had more than one job associated with the first quarter of 2018, up from seven.8% in 1996, according to new data unveiled from Census bureau, which supplies a more detailed analysis of multiple job holders than was previously available. The findings were based on data from 18 reports.

The earnings from the workers’ second jobs pay an average 28% of their own total earnings, showing that workers are likely relying on that pay, researchers said.

In general, women were more quite likely going to have multiple jobs than men, with 9.1% of women holding multiple jobs associated with 2018, contrary to 6.6% of men.

They also noted that multiple-job holding occurred at all levels of income, but was tend to be for low-wage workers. Those juggling dozens occupation earned less, on average, than people who had only one job.

People doing work in health care and food services were more quite likely to having two job than people working in other industries

The data could increase the impetus to President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats’ push to raise the minimum wage to $15 on an hourly basis from the current rate of $7.25 by 2025.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has estimated raising the minimum wage would take 900,000 people beyond poverty that year, but also cut employment by 1.4 million jobs.

The Census Bureau researchers looked at the number of people that held two or more job during in a quarter, holding at least one piece of work for the entire three a few.

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